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We’ll Install Your Window Gates

Window gates aren’t only for urban areas anymore – people all over the country see how easy they are to install and how inexpensive of an upgrade it is for their security system, so more and more people are installing them. Been looking for a company that will measure your windows and put in the appropriate sized window gates for your particular needs? Look no further.

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Updating Your Padlocks

Padlocks are incredibly important for many people who have sheds and other small items or buildings that need to be locked up. Older padlocks may not do the job anymore. As technology has gotten better, even the same old padlock has gotten an upgrade which helps to make them safer and harder to break or crack. Want to know more about the padlock options that are out there for you, and other security needs?

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Cars Unlocked Service Has Played Revolutionary Role In This Business

Have you experienced a vehicle lock or key problem recently? An individual cannot use his/her vehicle even due to littlest of the issues. At the same time, technicians consume plenty of hours for showing up to solve the problem. Gour 24 Hour Locksmith St Paul aims to reach at your place within 15 precious minutes once the call has been received from your side. Cars unlocked service could be provided at the flexible timings. Do you know how to order the locksmith services?

Keys Copied and Home Locks

Have your keys copied without any hassle

When you have the responsibility to handle multiple keys, it is better you have their copies ready with you. There are chances that you might misplace the originals or damage them. This is when the copied keys can come to your rescue. Gour Key Masters is extremely proficient and experienced keys copied service provider in town that can get your job done quickly and in an affordable way. Our experienced technicians are available to help you with your requirements.

Gour Auto Locksmith

Get your car keys made with care!

When you have car keys made with lots of care, it shows on the performance of your machine! Not sure how? Just call us, Gour Key Masters St Paul and get the keys you always wanted for your car and you will get the answers you have been looking for! So why are our keys special? They are special because they are made using right materials and superior technologies that not only ensure durability, but also enhanced vehicular performance. The keys made by us are of superior grade and will also ensure your vehicle’s security.

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Get New Vehicle Locks For Discounted Price

There comes a time when vehicle lock starts malfunctioning. Better change the lock right away or you could find yourself in greater trouble such as key breakage. With the passage of time, manufacturers come up with latest technology security devices. Having relations with world known manufacturers, we are able to obtain excellent vehicle locks. We have recently introduced stock clearance sale on the wide range of vehicle locks.

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What is the difference between a locksmith that unlocks cars and houses and a safe locksmith?

The difference is the technique and the skill level. Price may also be affected due to the fact that not all locksmiths unlock all locks. A locksmith that unlocks cars and house are commercial/recreation. Locksmiths that unlock safes usually specialize in that trade. Not all locksmiths can unlock a safe. Safe cracking or unlock use a different set of skills, guidelines and tools.

In what situation can a locksmith fail to unlock a lock?

A residential or commercial locksmith may not be skilled enough to unlock an automobile locksmith. The difference between the technical and deal with the skill level. Commercial locksmith usually deals with installing high security dead bolts and can even installing alarm systems.  This type of locksmith would not usually be about to unlock the locks that are used in an automobile. Also a residential and commercial locksmith may or may not be able to unlock a high tech safe due to the difference in skill level.


How do I know my locksmith won’t come back to rob me?

It’s a legitimate concern to wonder if the locksmith who helped protect your home or business will return to steal all the valuables you needed locked up. After all, a good locksmith is just as skilled at breaking into buildings as he is at securing them. However, the reputation of a locksmith company depends very much upon such things never happening. All employees are licensed and given criminal background checks prior to employment, and they are subject to immediate suspicion and questioning by law enforcement officers should locksmith service be followed by a break-in.

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