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Security is always a primary concern of every homeowner. Every home must have door locks to ensure safety and security for the owners as well as for the many valuables inside the home. You should protect your hard earned investments from burglars. Different types of locks are available in the market which includes the dead bolts. There are lots of different types, designs and security grades of dead bolts which you could use for your home. Choose from a variety of choices which will suit your needs, taste and budget. Installation should be done by experienced and skilled locksmith to ensure reliable and effective completion of the job. Call Gour Key Masters now to have the job done.

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Locksmith Eden Prairie MN sells and installs door locks

Every home, every business should have locks in their doors, windows and any other entrances where bad elements such as thieves could pass through. Your front and back doors must be the most secured as these are the usual points of entry of thieves. Numerous kinds of door locks are available in the market. You could hire a locksmith to have them installed. To be cost effective, instead of buying locks from the hardware and have them installed by a locksmith, why not buy your locks from your locksmith provider? Gour Key Masters Eden Prairie MN sells and installs door locks. You could be given special offers as you purchase the locks from them, installation charges could be discounted. Call us now to set the appointment.

Locksmith in Eden Prairie MN installs high security locks

Some areas are considered high crime areas and if you happen to live in one of these areas then you must have high security locks in all points of entry in your homes. There is a variety of available high security locks in the market and while these locks may come with high level of security, they also come in higher prices too. Thus, it is best that you know what your security needs are like how many doors in your homes should have high security lock? Gour Key Masters in Eden Prairie MN not just installs but also sells high security locks and you could save money by buying the high security locks from us and will install them for you at half the charge.

Locksmith Eden Prairie MN checks, repairs and replaces ignition switch key

When your ignition switch key does not seem to function properly, that is, it is not able to start your vehicle as it does not even turn, and then there must be something wrong with your key. It is either you ask the car dealer for a new key, which could take longer as well as more expensive for sure, or call a professional locksmith to help you out. Gour Key Masters Eden Prairie MN also checks, repairs and replaces ignition switch key as necessary. Give us a call now at 651-964-4481 and we will be on our way to give you a hand.

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