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Locksmith Excelsior MN opens padlocks in a blink of an eye

Oftentimes, you use padlocks on your gates to prevent any unauthorized entry. However, there are times padlocks accumulate rusts and dirt they become difficult to open forcing you to just keep your gates closed at all times. Of course you cannot do that forever. Consider it solved. Gour Key Masters Excelsior MN will open your padlocks in an instant. We also offer you new and better padlocks which are on promo sale this month. You may ask our locksmith about it. In fact, we can also bring some pieces and you may choose from them. Your purchase comes with free installation. So give us a call now and we will be there before you even know it.

Locksmith Excelsior MN 651-964-4481

Gour Key Masters in Excelsior MN can remove broken keys effectively

Whatever the reason for your broken keys, Gour Key Masters in Excelsior MN will effectively remove broken keys from your door knobs. We are so effective you can still use your door knob as if nothing happened. All you need to do is to have your spare key check how much we are telling you the truth. You do not need to replace your door knobs because they still do work. We just removed your broken key so effective your door knob will function like it does before. What are you waiting for? Call our hotline now and have your broken key removed instantly.

Locksmith Excelsior MN offer quick vehicle keys made as you needed

Whether you lost your vehicle keys or just misplaced them, our professional locksmith Excelsior MN can have your vehicle keys made as fast as possible without compromising efficiency. We are capable of providing solutions to all your key problems including problems with your vehicle keys. We can handle even the most advanced vehicle locks there is. We will be glad to display our expertise to prove our worth so when similar problems emerge in the future, you will be sure you know whom to call. The most reliable locksmith you will ever know. Call our number now at 651-964-4481 save this number for future purposes.

Our Professional locksmiths work weekends too

Gour Key Masters offers non-stop service to those in need. Sometimes, things happen even at the most inappropriate times and places. When you encounter problems with your locks at home on a weekend, will you just sit down and wait for the regular business working days and working hours? What if your problem is your front door which does not lock? Will you risk your family’s safety while waiting for your locksmith to be available? Our professional locksmiths work weekends too. We are available to provide service anytime of the day any day of the week including the weekends. All you need to do is give us a call and we will be there to fix your problem.

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