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Gour Key Masters Lakeland MN Car lockout services

One of the most embarrassing situations you could ever be is having yourself locked outside your car with your keys inside. Yes of course you can just leave your car and go home and just call for the locksmith tomorrow. But what’s the point? Why do it tomorrow when you can do it today? You were thinking where you can find a locksmith at this hour when it is beyond office hours. Gour Key Masters Lakeland MN offers car lock out services among many other services that require the expertise of a locksmith anytime of the day and any day of the week anywhere you are. Times like this, you know whom to call. We are available 24/7 to serve you.

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Locksmith in Lakeland MN offers mobile home locks installation

Whether you will live in a manufactured home or a mobile home, you need to be secured and feel secured inside your home. Having just bought a new mobile home, the first thing you need to do is to change its locks for security reasons. Our home is the place where we should feel most secured and protected. You need to have the most reliable mobile home locks; likewise, you need the most reliable locksmith who will install your home locks. Gour Key Masters in Lakeland MN is capable of changing and installing mobile home locks. Call us right now and avail of discounts that we offer on selected products and services.

Locksmith Lakeland MN opens your rust-covered padlocks; no sweat at all

Sometimes, we choose using padlocks simply because it is a very easy thing to do. All you just need is a padlock and you can already secure an area, especially those located outdoors. Problem is, this padlock accumulates dirt and rusts over the years that it has become difficult to open. Your key does not seem to work on it. You will have to put some struggle before you can have it opened. Other times, it does not really open anymore. Locksmith Lakeland MN offers reliable and quick padlock opening solutions. Ring us now and we will have it opened for you so easily as if it was not the padlock you were having a problem with.

Gour Key Masters provides peephole installation services

It is always a smart idea to practice security awareness. No harm is done in doing so but you could regret so much if something happens and you know things could have been different if you only had security awareness. Such good habit is by checking over a peephole when somebody rang our door, making sure we know who is at our door before we open it. Now you are thinking of having a peephole installed in your front door; but whom to call? Call our locksmith now at 651-964-4481 and he will gladly do the peephole installation quickly and efficiently.

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