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At first one locksmith in Maplewood MN alone was enough to cater to the needs of a single village that is why, the knowledge possessed by him and the art of lock making was kept a secret and was only shared between the father and the son. An increase in the population led to an increased need of locksmiths where more people were needed to take care of the safekeeping needs of the village. Since then, locksmithing has developed into a complete industry with trained experts and professionals taking care of the needs such as locks rekeyed for people who want to keep their possessions safe.

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Re-keying made easier by Gour Key Masters Maplewood MN

Gour Key Masters Maplewood MN also takes jobs of re-keying for people who may be concerned about the security of the house. The process involves making changes in the lock in such a way that the lock does not open through the original key rather a different key is used. The process is useful in case someone has lost the key to their home and is afraid of theft or burglary as a result of the loss. Alternatively, the lock can be completely replaced by a new lock. Our aim is to provide you with quality installations in order to reduce the risk to your homes.

Improved security through Locksmith Maplewood MN transponder keys

Out of the many security measures available for the protection of your car, transponder keys by Gour Key Masters Maplewood MN are one of the best. It is a tiny device that produces a radio transmission between the car and the key so when either is missing there will be no connection and in the absence of radio communication, the car won’t open and it won’t start. For stealing a car with a transponder key mechanism, the thief would have to be much more adept that Memphis in Gone in 60 Seconds! He will have to be Hercules because your car won’t budge and hence it would be safe.

Install master key systems

We can install master key systems in your homes that involve the use of one single key to open a few or all the locks in the premises. Master key systems are useful in places that have a lot of doors such as commercial complexes, schools and larger buildings. It makes carrying keys easier because there is a smaller set to carry and take care of. There is however a threat to all the locks and rooms linked with the master key in case of any theft or loss of the key. Maplewood MN can help in the installation of better security plans by advising you on the vulnerability and implementation of the master key system.

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