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Installation of a Master key system with Gour Key Masters Oakdale MN

A master key system from Gour Key Masters Oakdale MN is very beneficial for storekeepers and janitors who have to take care of a lot of doors and locks. They have fewer keys to carry because a master key can open more than one lock. This is also dangerous and risky because the theft or loss of the key means any person can gain access to more than one room in the building. In order to reduce the risk, it is advised to keep different keys for different floors and blocks. Our company installs and maintains your master key systems for you and in case of theft; we can also replace the locks or rekey them for you.

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Get first class padlocks with Locksmith in Oakdale MN

With a u shaped bar at one end, padlocks from our company locksmith in Oakdale MN are detachable locks that can easily be used to lock chains and other openings such as rings. Safety is everyone’s concern and some people go to the extent of keeping their firewood chained and secured with the help of padlocks and chains. Padlocks can be used to chain secure anything. No matter what your security need is, you can cater to your need through our supplies that meet the highest standards of quality in the lock and key industry. Trust us as we are a renowned and reliable name in the field of locksmithing.

Teams are radio-dispatched by Gour Key Masters Oakdale MN

Mobile teams of Gour Key Masters Oakdale MN are radio-dispatched as soon as we receive a phone call from you which states that you are in trouble in some parking lot in front of the mall or you are stuck in the basement of some huge complex because your key is stuck in the ignition and it won’t budge. Our teams are nearby whenever you call for them and they will respond to your call as soon as they can. Our mobile teams carry all the equipment that is necessary to carry out the job needed. We work with trained locksmiths and experts that have been with us for many years.

Get quality Break-in repairs by Locksmith in Oakdale MN

Sometimes, a Gour Key Masters Oakdale MN has to provide break-in repairs to people who find their keys broken with one part in their hands and the other inside the lock. This can happen with the lock in the car as well as the ignition. Trying to budge the key or to pry open the door may do more harm than good and if you want to preserve the scratch-less looks of your car then it is important for you to give us a call. We will reach out to you as soon as we can because our mobile teams are near every major location in the city.

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