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Locksmith St Paul Secures the Community One Door at a Time

We have made Gour Key Masters St Paul the local leader in residential physical security. The technicians at this company have studied a wide variety of home securities and they are adept at installing the perfect system for the right house. Here at Gour Key Masters St Paul, we want to do our part in securing the community and preventing crime. It is every residents responsibility to help the community and we do our part by helping preventing burglaries for all of our customers.

Locksmith St Paul Builds a Stronger Security for a Safer Home

We understand that burglaries and home invasions are a threat to any home owner. We built this company with the beliefe that we can help build a safer community by lowering the risk to any residence. All of the customers of Locksmith St Paul benefit from the ultimate in physical protection. The kind of protection that has been tested over time. Here at Gour Key Masters St Paul, we are offering a reliable defense at a great price that is not offered anywhere else in the local area. There has never been a better time to call and get the security you need.

Residential locksmith Saint Paul

Emergency Lock Picking by a 24 Hour Gour Key Masters

Accidents can occur at the most inconvient time. We have a locksmith that specializes in professional lock picking. This is a service that would benefit anyone and we offer it to the community at a great price. As part of our commitment to the community, we will help the community as best we can. Professional lock picking is a delicate issue and should be performed by those that have the tools and the skills to prevent damage being made to the lock. We have the tools to help open all types of locks even electronic locks.

A Local Locksmith that is an Expert in All Types of Locks

If your home is being protected by deadbolt, electronic lock, cam lock, rim lock, mortise lock, knob lock, handle lock, jimmyproof deadbolt, or any other style and you need repairs then look no further than your local expert. A locksmith that specializes in repairs for any type of locked that is available for purchase by the public. We are offering a comprehensive service for the professional repairs and lock picking for any style. We want to help assure the public that we are prepared for the community.

Gour Automotive Locksmith in St Paul Certified by CAL

The industry standard for technicians that specialize in automotive security was set by Certified Automotive Locksmiths. Gour's locksmiths are proudly certified through the same rigerous standards that have made CAL such an influence on fellow technicians. This is excellent news for the owners of personal water-crafts, automotibles, motorcycles, or tractors. This is a service for the repair of ignitions, locks, and the reprogramming of transponders. In order to repair car keys or make duplicates then transponder reprogramming is necessary.

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A Locksmith in St Paul that Supplies the Neighborhood with Brandname Locks

In our supply room we have Baldwin, Arrow, Schlage, Meilink, Fire King, Union, Medeco, Weiser, Hayman, and many others. We can deliver a new lock from any of the brands that are the market 24 hours a day to any address in the local area. Each locksmith in St Paul from our company understands the strengths and weaknesses of the brands. They will pass on the knowledge to the customers in a professional manner. There has never been a better time to call and get the brands you trust.

Gour Key Masters in St Paul for the Community

Gour's Locksmiths have made this city their home. This is a team that is devoted to the protecting their neighbors. Each of our technicians is professional and certified by the Associated Locksmiths of America. This will ensure that each specialist has gone through the rigerous testing that has made them up to industry standard. There is no reason to doubt the skills of the our team. This is a fully comprehensive 24 hour service. It is a service that has been designed for convenience and reliability. This is the hour that you will call and get the physical security that is needed for a safe home.

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