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Gour Key Masters Savage MN works weekends

With many locksmith Savage MN companies, people wonder whether they work weekends or not. Our company would be available throughout the week as we work weekends. Though our complete staff may not be present on the premises, we still make sure that a few of us remain behind even during the holiday season. Emergencies do not wait for the holiday or the weekend. They can happen anytime and understanding that fact, we assure you of our good response time throughout the week. No matter where you are and what time of the year it is, our staff works in shifts to ensure that your calls are answered to.

Locksmith Savage MN 651-964-4481

Supply of Magnetic locks by Gour Key Masters in Savage MN

Gour Key Masters in Savage MN specializes in the provision of any kind of magnetic locks. From the traditional lock and key to mortise style and cylindrical locks, we have them all. Our company also supplies magnetic locks to the people they want to install them in their buildings as an added security measure. At times, locks might need replacement, repair or maintenance in case they become old and rusty. We would be available throughout the week and also during the holidays in order to cater to your needs regarding security. You can call us for an instant quote or visit our website for details if you require any.

Install window gates with Locksmith Savage MN

Window gates are installed by Gour Key Masters Savage MN in windows for the additional security. Usually, glass windows that slide open and have no added security are installed with window bars and window gates for various reasons. In rooms where the kids stay, this becomes a necessity. Also, if there is a valuable item in the room then the room is prone to an intrusion or theft more than any other place in the house so window gates provide an added security. We install window gates in your home and for a better look; we have them in many designs. You can also have them painted for added beauty.

Gour Key Masters now works evenings

When Gour Key Masters says 24/7 services, we actually mean that we also work evenings when many locksmith companies would just wind up their systems and go home. A few of our staff always stays back in order to respond to any emergency calls. We work in shifts so that a technician is always available in case you are facing a lockout emergency somewhere outside the mall. Distressed calls are common in the holiday season since people tend to be negligent about their possessions given all the excitement of the day and night. Do not worry if you find yourself in trouble because we would be there to help you through it.

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