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Locksmith Wayzata MN does new lock installation fast and easy

Have been victimized by a burglar? This should not happen again. You need to have a new lock installation and you need to have it fast. Incident like this is serious and you want to make sure your family as well as your property is safe and well-secured. No victims of burglary will be at peace until all locks have been changed and new locks have been installed. Gour Key Masters Wayzata MN will do it for you. We will make sure to have the new locks installed immediately. Your family will have the necessary security in your property. Call 651-964-4481 now and we will be there in no time at all.

Locksmith Wayzata MN 651-964-4481

Gour Key Masters in Wayzata MN provides re-keying services

Everybody is away for a holiday and you are left alone for the day. You came a bit late from work when you suddenly realized you lost your house key. Even though you live in a quiet and safe neighborhood you still cannot change the fact that it is already late and you need to get inside the house. Gour Key Masters in Wayzata MN provides re-keying services even at times like this. We cannot let you freeze outside your house and risk your health and much more your life when you stay outside. Give us a call now and we will be there in a breeze.

Gour Key Masters Wayzata MN also does transponder keys

Already late for work and you still have a meeting to attend to. Got all your papers and hurried outside of your car when the door automatically locked. You stopped and sigh in disbelief. You left your transponder key on the ignition! Now you risk your car for getting stolen. Now you think of what you could do. You could call your car dealer to request for a new one but that would probably cost you a lot as well as it might take them at least two days to come with the solution. Give us a call now! Gour Key Masters Wayzata MN also specializes with transponder keys. We will gladly reproduce your transponder key in just a couple of hours.

Locksmiths work evenings to provide assistance during inopportune times

Incidents happen even at the most inopportune times. Nobody is perfect. You could lose your key even on Christmas day or any other holidays and even at an ungodly hour. But who can help you at this time of the day, or night? You need not worry anymore because we are here to provide you the assistance that you need. We always have several locksmiths who work evenings to provide immediate assistance to those who are in need of our services regardless of the time. Just give us a call now and we will send the best locksmith to fix your problem instantly.

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