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A deadbolt lock is a lock that uses a key or an ACS (Access Control System) to spin the bolt present rather than a spring to do so. Compared to a typical spring latch, deadbolt locks are thicker in size and heavier in weight. They are neither rounded nor angled at the end of the lock and are often composed of brass or steel. This type of lock is definitely an affordable way to increase the security of your property, whether it be residential or commercial property.

If you are interested in installing or having yours fixed, then Gour Key Masters should be your preferred option. We provide the best deadbolt lock installation and repair in Saint Paul, MN. The security of your property is always a concern for us. We want to be able to help mitigate the number of burglaries that happen in the country. So, do not hesitate to contact us for the best residential locksmith services.

How Does A Deadbolt Lock Work?

Because this type of door lock functions without a spring, turning a key causes a retraction or extension of the bolt onto the door frame’s strike plate.

Furthermore, because they only operate with a spring, they are not easily jimmied open with a pin, crowbar, or other things. Also, because of the durable lock mechanism, they provide an additional level of resistance and sturdiness compared to other types of locks.

Types of Deadbolt Lock

Three types of this lock exist; they are:

  • The single cylinder: This particular lock is the most widely used kind. With a key from the external side, single-cylinder deadbolts may be thrown or retracted using a keyhole present on the exterior. The deadbolt’s thumb turn on the interior is used to unlock and lock it.

  • Double cylinder: When you need a bit more security, a double-cylinder deadbolt would be the preferred choice. While they make it more difficult for possible burglars to grasp through to the window and open the door, they are frequently selected to increase security on doors that include windows. A regular key is required to lock or open a double cylinder deadbolt, which has a keyhole on either side of the door. However, due to the potential of making it much harder to swiftly exit the house in case of emergencies, this sort of door lock must be installed with consideration.

  • Electronic locks: This type of lock offers you the convenience of using a touchscreen or keypad to unlock or lock your door. They offer security that leaves you unbothered about losing a key. You can simply set your access code and enter it anytime you need to unlock it. Unlike other smart door locks, this one cannot be connected to WiFi or your smartphone. All the operations happen right there on the panel.

  • Smart Locks:

    Unlike electronic locks, this type of deadbolt can be connected to your WiFi or smartphone. They are also just as reliable as the single-cylinder locks. You can utilize your smartphone for easy accessibility and programming from anywhere. However, like the electronic locks, you may have to change their batteries occasionally.

Where Can You Use These Types Of Locks?

This type of lock can actually be used anywhere you choose. They can offer maximum security and are not easy to jimmy through with a crowbar or hammer. They are suitable for a residential area and can be installed in your office building.

Because of their strength and level of resistance, they are ideal for your front doors. Anybody who tries to jimmy their way through will be met with strong resistance or caught while at it. It is important to note that these locks can’t stop or prevent a forced entry but they can pose a challenge for burglars. An alarm system may be added for additional security.

Top Services Top Company

Gour Key Masters is your best bet at installing any of the above types of deadbolt. We have professional locksmiths with years of experience who are unfazed by changing lock technology.So, whether you want traditional, electronic, or smart deadbolt installation or repair, you can count on us.

We provide 24 hour locksmith services in Saint Paul, MN and are known to deliver nothing less than top quality. Feel free to reach out to us for whatever locksmith service you may require. Prompt service delivery is assured everytime.

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about exorbitant prices when it comes to our services. Our services are cost-effective and would fit right into your budget.

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