Locksmith in Eden Prairie, MN

Locksmith in Eden Prairie, MN

Need to rekey your new home or business premises? People often forget to hire a locksmith after moving into a new property and it’s one of the reasons why their appliances, or personal electronics are stolen from their new home.  Don’t let it happen to you, because finding a quality locksmith service for locks rekeyed has never been easier. Gour Key Masters in Eden Prairie MN is here to provide you high-quality service and re-key or change your locks. Once installed you can easily re-key locks by yourself; this one-time purchase can save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Feel free to ask for any additional information.

Reliable and innovative master key system for commercial security by locksmith in Eden Prairie, MN

You are a landlord, business owner or a property manager looking for a commercial security solution? Gour Key Masters in Eden Prairie MN is providing excellent service in suiting needs for both residential and commercial purposes. We Design and implement by the team of competent locksmiths; anyone can distinguish our reliable master key system by its innovative approach. Our quality solutions will provide you with more than a convenient access to certain all areas of your property as well as increased security to the entire premise. Let us know if you need this kind of service; we will act immediately, according to your specific needs and security risk levels.

Fast and easy new locks installation service

Bought a new house and now need to secure it with new locks? We couldn’t agree more – your security is the very first order of the day; when you move into your new home. Not changing your locks sounds like an open invitation to all of those persons and agents who have had previous access to that particular property. Among its other services, Gour Residential Locksmith provides affordable new locks installation service and makes sure all the locks are changed before you move into your new house. Our dedication is to your security, providing less expensive, fast and easy solutions for keeping your property safe.

Secure your home with patio door locks

Travel frequently and want to be absolutely sure that your house is safe? In order to avoid any unwanted events, you need to ensure the highest security level to your patio doors. Gour Key Masters in Eden Prairie MN if full-service locksmith that offers patio door locks installation, service, repair and replacement to keep your home secured. If you look for a perfect solution and additional security to your home, don’t use do-it-yourself items – better call a professional service that will make your home safe and secure. Call 651-964-4481 or browse our new website to find more in a range of additional quality products for your home’s ultimate security.

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