Locksmith in Minnetonka, MN

Locksmith in Minnetonka, MN

Need to connect your home security system with the local police? Call Gour Key Masters locksmith in Minnetonka MN and ensure the additional security of your property with radio-dispatched locks connected with the nearest police station. We provide the latest technology combined with more than affordable prices and prompt service. Our locksmith company is also proud of many years of successful protection of residential and commercial properties. Thanks to our cutting-edge solutions, you can peacefully go on a journey or on a family vacation, knowing that your house is completely safe from any unwanted intrusion. Browse our website to find the best combination of price and service.

Get your safes unlocked by a professional service

Can’t remember the exact combination or the safe simply refuses to open? Although you entered the right combination, very often it happens that safes will not open. We are quite sure that there are more than a few ways to solve this unpleasant situation, but years of experience tell us that the best solution is to call a specialized service such as Gour Key Masters in Minnetonka MN. Don’t use a crowbar or anything like that – we can offer professional assistance no matter the type or model of your safe. With more than a decade in this business and hundreds of safes unlocked, we guarantee fast and reliable service.

Change, repair or create new transponder keys

Lost your transponder equipped key or simply need a new one? Most of the new vehicles feature such key systems as an additional security from theft, but what comes next when it breaks down, or when you lose it? In addition to the range of other locksmith services, Gour Minnetonka Locksmith also offers transponder keys programming and replacement. We use only the latest and proven programming technology and the duplication of your keys with the original factory cases with their respective logos. We can also replace batteries and offer free advice for determining if your key contains a transponder.

Professional technical service to remove broken keys

Broke your keys while trying to unlock the doors? This often happens to many people, especially if you use the keys of poor quality. You can search the Internet for a do-it-yourself solution, but we suggest better to ask for a professional service. As one of the leaders in the market, Gour Key Masters in Minnetonka MN offers a range of locksmith services and bits of advice. We will answer your call promptly, remove broken keys and create a new set for your security. To ensure this situation not to repeat, we use the best quality products of certified manufacturers only. Feel free to call 651-964-4481 for a special discount for returning and our regular customers.

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