Locksmith in Stillwater, MN

Locksmith in Stillwater, MN

Most modern cars now come with transponder keys to make getting in and getting going easier, safer, and faster. Without the right transponder key, the ignition won’t start. But what if your key has gone missing, or stopped working? Contact the experienced professionals at Gour Key Masters locksmith in Stillwater MN for an estimate, or to have them fix your transponder, fast and efficiently. Unlike traditional metal keys, transponder keys should only be fixed or replaced by a knowledgeable technician. So call on our trusted experts and make life on the go easier and safer than ever before.

New Home Re-keying Is Fast and Safe

Buying a new home is always an exciting adventure. But unless you know where every previous key to the house is, it is time to consider re-keying the locks. Or perhaps you rented a room to a college student, or lost a key recently. These are all great reasons to have your locks re-keyed for the safety and security of you, your family, and your possessions. The Stillwater locksmith professionals at Gour Key Masters in Stillwater MN have the experience to make re-keying your house fast, courteous, and affordable. Give us a call and one of our experts will come out today to make your home feel safe and secure once more.

Keep Your Home Safe with New Locks Installation

The keys to any home get lost, copied, and shared with numerous people over the years. Perhaps you have just purchased a new home, but aren’t sure who still holds the keys from previous tenants. Now is the time to consider getting rid of the old locks and starting over with the security of new locks installation. Gour Key Masters in Stillwater MN provides lock installation services that will relieve your concerns about safety; and return the security of the house to you, the keyholder.

Update Your Mobile Home Safety with Mobile Home Locks

Not all homes are built the same, so keeping your home safe and secure is not all the same, either. Mobile homes and RVs require special locks to fit the doors’ shape and function. Therefore, installing locks specifically made for mobile homes will help secure your mobile home or RV and all its precious cargo – like your family. The lock experts at Gour Key Masters in Stillwater MN will professionally and quickly install mobile home locks for either your mobile home or RV. Set up an appointment today by calling 651-964-4481 and start feeling safe and secure once more.

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